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Social Security: One of the most important decisions of your retirement

Our Social Security Timing program evaluates all 81 age combinations across nine different election strategies, and finds the highest lifetime benefit for you and your spouse.

By far the biggest fear retirees have is running out of money. Social Security is often taken for granted and, unfortunately, not viewed as an asset. Social Security is in fact a Valuable Retirement Asset with some very unique features:

  • Adjusted Annually for Inflation
  • Tax-Advantaged
  • Pays as Long as You Live
  • Backed by the Federal Government's Promised to Pay

Millions of Baby Boomers are asking, "When should I start taking Social Security?" This question will plague many for years to come. Let us help you find a solution that works for you by arming you with the data you will need to make an informed decision.

(Agents at the Social Security office are not allowed to give you advice and don't have the tools to maximize your benefits.)

IT'S A FACT: We routinely see the difference between a good election and bad election strategy costing retirees in excess of $100,000 in benefit income.

With pensions disappearing and with the volatile unreliability of the markets, Social Security more than ever, has become a critical ingredient to building a base of guaranteed retirement income.

Leave Nothing On The Table: We compare all available claiming strategies to help you uncover the highest benefit amount and help you decide when to file. Contact Joanna Moran if you would like your own, personalized report at no cost.